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Something I saw online this morning and couldn't resist! It is the scenario where a Restaurant wanted a musician, and basically pitched a musician they didn't want to pay with the tenuous "Possibility" that it could lead to bigger and better things. The response is from a musician. I had to chuckle because I couldn't even begin to count the amount of people who over the years have asked for my energy and effort photographically with the promise of bigger and grander things only to discover that when I had completed the assignment, I had no more contact from the people and had only the whispered word of the promised benefits. 

Toms Cap Winery, Gippsland Victoria

I recently had the opportunity to cover a wedding in the east Gippsland region of Victoria, one of Australia's southern states. I had never been to this part of Victoria previously and passing through the towns of Canns River, Bairnsdale and Sale were wonderful segments of a great journey.

I was there to cover the wedding of Abbey and Andrew who had chosen Toms Cap Winery to be their wedding and reception venue. When I arrived there not long after the groom and best man, I was warmly received by a lady called Ann, whom I later discovered was the owner with her husband Graham. I was continuously surprised by their warmth and generosity that extended well beyond the initial greeting up until the very end of the reception. Ann and husband Graham were so kind, warm and hospitable I was almost speechless. Their service was second to none. The venue was beautiful, the food for the guests AND for me was of the quality and presentation I would have expected in the finest restaurants.

I have been photographing weddings for some years and apart from the exceptional people at Springfield House, The Madison and Le Montage in Sydney, most reception venues are fairly courteous with no real significance in their treatment of "workers" there are a few who are totally ambivalent toward photographers / videographers. But genuine hospitality toward the photographers, Videographers/ Band / DJ...and even the Bus Driver the like of which I experienced at Toms Cap is rare and unique. One of the results of such treatment is that everyone gives a little more, appreciation pulls things together and is the real icing on the service cake. Toms cap have it down to not just an artform, but a heartform - meaning, that the passion with which I witnessed them deliver in every detail is akin to what I give to the photography I cover. I along with them, love what I do and that makes an immense difference.

I thoroughly recommend Toms Cap Winery as a venue for Weddings / receptions and even corporate events. I was VERY impressed and am secretly hoping that lots of people see my pictures and recommendation and want me to go back there again to cover more weddings....I would look for almost any excuse.

Thank you Ann & Graham for a wonderful experience and a HUGE thank you to the Bride and groom for choosing me to cover your special day.

Here are some pictures

toms cap winery website

Flea Market purchase nets $33 Million!

You hear about stories like this occasionally, and this story is amazing.

London antique dealer Wartski said the man bought the egg a few years ago for about $14,000, completely unaware that it was worth about $33 million.
The man thought he could make a quick $500 profit by selling it on as scrap metal, but by a stroke of fortune he was unable to find a buyer and so the egg was saved from being melted down.
The egg, which contains a Vacheron Constantin watch, sits on a jewelled gold stand and was given by Alexander III to his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna in Easter 1887. It is one of only 50 imperial Faberge eggs ever made.
The egg became a financial burden to its owner.
One evening, he typed "egg" and "Vacheron Constantin" into an Internet search engine and found a an article in Britain's Daily Telegraph about its background, quoting Kieran McCarthy, director of Wartski, who are experts on the works of Carl Faberge.
The owner was so astonished by what he had read that he flew to London to show it to McCarthy, who was left speechless.
Wartski bought the egg for a private collector -- for an undisclosed sum -- and the new owner has allowed it to be displayed for four days at Wartski's premises in London from April 14.
McCarthy said: "It's the most incredible discovery. We have so many discoveries but none of them are as momentous as this.
"It has travelled from Imperial St Petersburg to the rust belt of America. It's a story that deserves to be told because it could so easily have slipped away.
"For the Faberge community and the historical community, it is a wondrous event because the Easter egg is the ultimate target for every antique dealer and every enthusiast."
The egg was last seen in public 112 years ago at an exhibition of the Russian Imperial family's Faberge collection in St Petersburg.
In the chaos of the Russian revolution, the Bolsheviks confiscated the valuable egg from the empress.
There is a record of it in Moscow in 1922 when the Soviets decided to sell it, but its fate was then unknown and it was long feared that it could have been melted down for its gold value.
But in 2011 Faberge researchers found the egg had been sold in New York in March 1964 for just $2,450, or $18,500 in today's prices.
It was sold as a "gold watch in egg form case" without its provenance being known, sparking its extraordinary journey to the Midwest of the United States.
Story from

For those about to Rock...

Thought I would share the article about the Angels. This is one of the pictures I took.

The Angels are ready to rock the Corner Hotel in Richmond. Picture: Craig Peihopa

 AUSTRALIAN rock legends The Angels reckon The Corner in Richmond is one of the best venues in the country.“It’s one of those rooms that harks back to the old days when rooms like that were everywhere. It’s just a great pub rock venue,” guitarist Rick Brewster said.
With new album Talk the Talk in stores now, The Angels will bring a mix of old and new to The Corner on March 27, before appearing at Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel on March 28 and Moorabbin Sandbelt Hotel on March 29.
There is new blood in the band too, with Dave Gleeson (of The Screaming Jets fame) as frontman, Brewster’s nephew Sam on bass and Nick Norton on drums.
Brewster started the band with his brother John 40 years ago, following their grandfather and father, who was a cellist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, into music.
Brewster said his tip to any upcoming bands was to play as many gigs as possible.
“Nothing beats playing in front of people. You get that immediate feedback and response from the crowd. Without it you are just fumbling in the dark,” he said.
“We would take our songs to the audience and, judging by the reaction, we gradually crafted our sound.”

Making money is as easy as what?

I saw this article below on and was so totally surprised I posted it here. I went to Felix's You Tube channel and watched 2x videos that he comments on TV shows and games. Apart from the profanity and there is lots of it, the content of what he does doesnt appeal to me really, but I am amazed and impressed by the simplicity of an idea that finds an audience and pays that much. I am aghast actually and ok perhaps even a little jealous.
NOT just an outlet for oddities, creativity and cats, YouTube is a lucrative goldmine and is making its users millions of dollars every year.We might roll our eyes at some of the inane stuff uploaded to the video platform, but according to analytics company SocialBlade those homemade videos are earning some users over $16 million a year.
User PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) who posts clips in which he comments on video games is the highest grossing channel on YouTube, raking in an estimated A$1.4 million a month (over A$17 million a year), out-earning professional TV stars.
It even out-earns Justin Bieber’s VEVO account, which was viewed by 108 million people last month.

Timeline Photography - New Website

My new website is up and running!!! Have a look and let me know what you think!

Rost in Transration!

This is a post a friend of mine raised on Facebook, taken from a article published a day or so ago that I found VERY interesting. You need to look at the patches on the ladies clothing to get the full import of the story below.

IF YOU are offended by coarse language you probably shouldn't read any further - or watch Japanese children's TV for that matter.Choreographer Sasuga Minami hosts a morning children's program called Miburi TV which teaches kids how to dance.  (Miburi means body movement in Japanese.)
Unfortunately it is also teaching children about some choice English words.
Minami wears a colourful outfit with even more colourful language like "I love c***", "p****" and even "love f*** yeah".
The first two words might be lost in translation for a Japanese audience but the word "f***" is well known in Japan and is translated as "fakku."
The Japanese equivalent would not be allowed on TV at all let alone a children's program.
Minami has worn the outfit a few times on the program but there is no explanation as to how or why the words appeared on the, seemingly tailor-made, outfit.

Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall

This is fantastic. I love the creativity and take on this classic. Great work Todrick and your friends from the hood!

Nothing More

I have been watching NCIS and at the end of the episode was really touched by a song they played, and as Shazam told me was called Nothing More by The Alternate Routes, I you Tube'd the song found about about it's creation and story. I have put the links about the song immediately below followed by the song...just lovely.

To be humble to be kind
it is a giving of
the peace in your mind
to a stranger to a friend
to give in such a way that has no end

we are love
we are one
we are how we treat each other when the day is done
we are peace we are war
we are how we treat each other and nothing more

and to be bold to be brave
it is the thinking that the
heart can still be saved
and the darkness can come quick
the dangers in the anger and not hanging on to it

we are love
we are one
we are how we treat each other when the day is done
we are peace we are war
we are how we treat each other and nothing more

and tell me what it is that you see
A world that's full of end less possibilities
And heroes don't look like they used to they look like you do

We are love
we are one
we are how we treat each other when the day is done
we are peace we are war
we are how we treat each other and nothing more
we are how we treat each other and nothing more
we are how we treat each other

The Pink Tutu

This is a beautiful story. Here is a picture now read what it was all about!!