Still Here...

I have not been here on my blog for some time, in fact the first post for 2016. Life has progressed slowly in some ways for me and there are moments when I have been a little overwhelmed at the happenings in the world around me. I have been worried and troubled as Cancer touched our family far however things are ok with my family member. I have been very fortunate in many ways and am so grateful I am here and still standing.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this festive season, stay safe and choose to be happy.

Picture 5 hours in the making

This picture of the Sydney Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Carlingford took me around 5 hours to get. There are a number of factors that give you a very small window to capture it without shadows from the neighbouring shopping centre and there were to be no shadows on the buildings fa├žade. I received a rather strict letter from the US as to how it had to bephotographed and I was on a cherry picker that at 4-5 metres high was a little precarious with its footing being on uneven ground and the wind blowing! An interesting footnote is that I seem to be getting a little vertigo as I get older, something that was foreign to me as a younger guy. Here is a picture of me also on the cherry picker taken by Dean after it was lowered a bit! The top picture has been placed on the church's worldwide website.

Catch up August 2015

It has been way too long since I last posted, and so very much has happened around me. A personal  project I have lived, breathed, ate and slept for a number of years looks a strong way closer to becoming a reality. I have been down the road a few times with people and opportunities that threatened to be real and weren't, and I have ridden the veritable roller coaster of emotions through that process. But almost after relegating the idea and opportunity to the land of broken dreams a new star on the horizon appears and so I await the future with no small amount of interest. I am very grateful for life, for health, for friends and family. More posts will come as things develop.

The Socceroos Champions of the Asian Cup 2015

I have a fantastic opportunity to photograph the victorious Socceroos the other day and was so pleased at the opportunity to do so. I also got a picture with the $10,000,000 man Tim Cahill.

I really admire Tim and the other players and feel they deserve all the success they receive.

Batman The Ride

I have not yet been to San Antonio, but there is one Bat reason to find myself there very soon!!

Tina Bangel - Be Heard

I had the wonderful opportunity the other evening to attend the EP / CD launch for a "new" artist of Tina Bangel, and what a truly wonderful lady, performer and artists she is. She wrote a lovely article on her blog and I thought I would share it here. She had a host of talent from the One Voice choir that Tina coaches and leads to sensational dancers and musos and the amazing Lionel Cole who recently came to our attention through THE VOICE Australia where he was a finalist.

Read Tinas Article HERE

Feeling Gratitude

I have noticed on social media that there is a growing number of people who are listing things that they are grateful for and I must say I am pleasantly surprised that after some months it continues. It is blatantly obvious that there is so much around us that is not uplifting and it is so refreshing to have life reaffirmed when you see and experience good and positive things. This post today was just my little acknowledgement to the wider universe that I have seen the reminders all around me, and that I too am extremely grateful for my life for the truly wonderful gift that is. For my friends, family, experiences and for the many little, and subtle things that happen to me daily that remind me that I am not alone.